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10 Best Mind Blowing AI Apps in 2020.

AI Apps- 10 Best Mind Blowing AI Apps in 2020. This time I have brought some more AI Apps for Android as well.

Let’s see the best mind-blowing AI apps.

AI Apps List

Faceapp with faceapp you can live transfer your facial expression to any other face and create amazing chips or stickers. It’s a really fun app. I must say I made some really fun content with it and all of my friends loved it. so all you have to do is take a still photo of your face without smiling to choose any country from the hub or famous people live friends for your facial expression to your chosen character.

You can smile speak and make faces you like to create funny memes and gifs. You can also upload any of your pictures of a still face and then you can use that picture to create live expressions.

The next app is Film3d. Film 3D is the best AI Apps. With this app, you can capture mesmerizing 3 photos and this is how you do it. It can then apply a range of beautiful filters you can then export and share your photos to social media platforms.

আরও পড়ুনঃ ১০০০০এমএএইচ ব্যাটারি নিয়ে লঞ্চ হতে চলেছে Gionee M30 স্মার্টফোন, দাম ১৫ হাজারের মধ্যে।


The next app is Aivon. Aivon is a powerful image analysis app, powered by artificial intelligence and can analyze any image and identify public figures like celebrities, politicians, etc. It can identify objects, emotions, and give you code additions based on emotions. You can also just speak to the app to get mad answers to search something on the web or have a conversation and there is an app similar to this for iPhones called the smart lens.

The next app is Judo. Well, judo is similar to Apple’s and emoji features and they call their version as – mogi.
However, one thing judo does differently is that it uses AI-based technology to make the characters look like you. It also has a built-in messenger. so you can add your friends and send them your created team

Emoji lets you create an animation of yourself. You can make an animated avatar and create animated stories funny memes and animated emojis you need to take a snap or choose an existing picture and then use, the cutout tool to create your body parts, then you can choose and apply animation to your body, then you can upload your own backgrounds add custom text. So you can then share your creations as gifs or videos on various social apps.


This app is one of my favorites. Have you ever been in a situation where you have no idea what you want to cook today? Well, Pixfood can help you with that just take a photo of an ingredient you want. Let’s say tomatoes and then excludable and steadily gives tasty recipes editions by using advanced photo recognition and complex machine learning Technology. You can add allergies and diet preferences to get even more tailored results. The more you use the app the better solutions you get. Download Now.

আরও পড়ুনঃ মাত্র ৫,৯৯৯ টাকা দিয়ে কিনুন Infinix smart HD 2021 স্মার্টফোন।


Wanna Nails
The next app is Wanna nails. Wanna nails to allow you to try our nail polish using your phone’s camera? You can imagine any polish with your skin tone low and move you can explore various color collections create pools and Instagram stories to find the best color match for you and you can create and share your virtual name polish. You can also buy new polish that you like from the app itself through Amazon. Download Now.



Best Useful Android AppsThe next app is Youper. This is one of the most loved apps. I have seen it has got total ratings of 4.9 stars which is very impressive. Youper is an AI assistant app that helps you get rid of your depression anxiety and other issues. you can have a conversation with the app then you pure build a conversation around your response with the goal of helping you to get to know your mind improve your mood and help you overcome stress or time you propose a dynamic record of your mind and emotional health.

You can access the powerful mood tracker and review you burst colorful charts understand more about your emotions improve your behavior and keep moving forward on the journey of becoming the best version of yourself. Download Now.


The next app is UBeBot. It lets you create three of four of yourself or someone else using only a photo. You can put your avatar in augmented reality record a video and share it with your friends. You can change your hairstyle hair color clothing as well. You can make your avatar walk or ride to different places in your environment by pressing the move icon then tapping on a place in the scene.

Your avatar can email look at objects in its environment by tapping in the direction of that object. It can record different performances from your avatar then play them back whenever you want.


The next app is Fabric. Fabric is a personal journal that catalogs your experience and interactions. It captures the places you go to the people you meet and the things you do. It automatically creates a timeline of events in your life by using your phone’s location features accelerometer and photos. It can identify visits to public listed places or private places you add. You can then add photos and memorable codes to record the people who were there. So you never forget the things you want to remember.

You can also automatically import posts you have made to Facebook and Instagram to see where and with whom you spend your time with. The fabric uses all these contexts to create interesting visualization author experiences that include for instance the cities or restaurants you have been.

আরও পড়ুনঃ 4000 টাকা দাম কমেছে Oppo A31 স্মার্টফোনের, যার মধ্যে রয়েছে ৬ জিবি র‍্যাম ও ১২৮ জিবি স্টোরেজ।

The next app Holon. It’s an app that turns movement into synth music. It uses IRT data and biome use ecological principles to let you create send music with your physical activities. Download Now

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