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Apple iPhone 12 Price Leaked 2020- 5G List of All The Varients.

Apple iPhone 12 Price (5G).

Apple iPhone is predicted to launch the new Apple iPhone 12 series this year though there are reports of the corporate pushing back on production thanks to the pandemic. However, while we wait, the potential prices of the iPhone 12 series are speculated by Jon Prosser on Twitter.
Now, just to remind you, Prosser has been pretty accurate with most of his tips and tricks, and he has mentioned in interviews that he doesn’t add Apple but has sources within the company.

In his tweet, Prosser also mentions that the source that’s given him these iPhone 12 prices is that the same one who nailed the iPhone SE 2nd Gen launch dates. Essentially, we will consider this information to be reliable.

In fact, on a superficial level, the most important external change could also be Apple’s decision to drop its popular Midnight-Green finish this year and introduce a replacement dark blue option for the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. While I’m an enormous fan of the green, the new blue looks superb in renders which you’ll inspect here.


All Variants List (Apple iPhone 12):

  • The 5.4-inch Apple iPhone 12 D52G, which can accompany an OLED screen and 5G support and dual cameras, goes to be priced Rs.48,723 ($649) approx.
  • The 6.1 inch Apple iPhone 12 D53G, also comes with 5G Support and OLED Display, Dual cameras on the back, and will be priced at Rs.56,230 ($749) approx.
  • The 6.1 inch Apple iPhone 12 Pro D53P with 5G support, OLED Display, LiDAR Support, and three cameras are going to be priced at Rs.74999 ($999) approx.
  • The 6.7 inch Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max D54P, with 5G support, OLED Display, LiDAR support, and triple cameras will come at Rs.82,506 ($1,099) approx.

Apple iPhone 12 pre-bookingProsser points out that the 6.1 inch Apple iPhone 12 is clearly a follow-up to the present Rs.53025 ($700) 6.1 inch iPhone 11, so technically, the 6.1 inches iPhone 12 model is increasing in price. Also, if these numbers are accurate, that’s some incredible pricing from Apple. Buy Apple iPhone 11 (Red Color).

One must note that the costs in India are definitely getting to vary. Apple might go the OnePlus way and announce significantly lower prices for the Indian market, but we’ll need to wait and watch.
However, going by these prices, we will expect Apple to cost its top-of-the-line flagship Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, below Rs.1,00,00 (one lakh) this point.

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