Top 08 Best Useful Android Apps in 2021.

Top 08 Best Useful Android Apps- As time is passing, technology is also advancing very rapidly. In current times, the use of smartphones is increasing very fast. Along with this, the market for android apps is also growing very fast. As the technology ages, so does the number of apps in the Play Store. This is making it difficult for users to find the right application.

Best Useful Android Apps

Best Useful Android Apps

1- Earn TalkTime

If you want to recharge your mobile for free, then this app is best for earning free talk time. You can earn Rs.30/- per referral by referring this app to your friends. Apart from this, you get lots of offers. You can recharge your mobile phone for free by downloading these apps. If you sign up on this app, you will immediately get free recharge of Rs.20/-. Click on the link below the sign-up bonus page and download the Earn Talk Time app.

2- Secret Video Recorder

With this app, you can make videos secretly. After downloading the secret video recorder app, you just need to open this app. With the secret video recorder app, you can create videos secretly. A secret video recorder is very useful for background covert recording. And you will be able to use your phone normally and also tell someone that you are making videos. You do not have to route the mobile to use it.

3- AZ Screen Recorder

If you want to record your mobile screen then this is perfect for you. If you want to make a video for YouTube then you can easily use this app on your android mobile. The good news is that this app works without root. You can make as many videos as you want. There is no time limit for screen recording. Also, it is a Best Useful Android Apps. Download Now.

4- Fake Chat Conversation

With this app, you can create a fake chat on your WhatsApp. You can share screenshots of fake chat with anyone. In addition, you can create fake voice chats, fake calls, and fake groups. Download Now.

5- Smart Kit

This is a very good app. Its size is also very small. But you will get a total of 32 smart apps (like notepad, translator, compass, ringtone maker, etc.). Which can be very useful for you? You can change 32 mobile applications with the Smart Kit app. All you have to do is install the Smart Kit app on your mobile without having to install all 32 apps separately. Download Now.

6- BHIM App: Cashless India

After demonetization, the government launched the BHIM app to promote cashless transactions in India, but since its introduction, it has become very popular. You should download the Bhim App for cashless usage. BHIM is a very simple app, which allows you to generate a 4 digit PIN in settings and then enter the verified mobile number from the account and then select your bank. The app can be used for cashless payments anywhere. BHIM is the Best Useful Android Apps for money transfer.

7- Scanboot: PDF document scanner

Scanboot apps provide mobile users with the option of scanning on mobile. With this app, you can scan any document for free which is very easy and fast. This app lets you scan the document you want to scan in front of the camera. You can resize it automatically and also do automatic cropping. You can save scanned photos to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and other locations in PDF. To fill the online form and scan any new documents you will need to visit this app.

8- Gboard: The google keyboard

This is the Best Useful Android Apps. The Gboard app is a keyboard from Google but is very different from a normal mobile keyboard. With this keyboard, you can send GIF, emoji, etc. You can do smart typing, search, etc., the default number row is set, voice typing option is also available, great typing can be done by finger-twisting. Download Now.

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